What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is one of the episodic nature of mental disorders. Bipolar disorder is triggered by an imbalance of chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain. As a result, deliver a functioning brain stimulation (including feelings) can be disrupted performance. There are four episodes of emotion that can be felt the people with bipolar disorder, including:

1. Mania
In this episode, the patient seemed to have a sense of happiness and tremendous spirit. Not infrequently, patients have difficulty sleeping due to feeling very productive. More extreme than that, they sometimes do not need other people think because of excessive self-confidence.

2. Hypomania
Not much different from the mania. Although that case, the episode of hypomania, a bipolar will feel calmer. In this case, hypomania episode was the most difficult to detect because the symptoms are not much different from those who are happy, although the effect can be the same as mania.

3. Depression
Contrast to mania and hypomania, depression described as depressed situation stressful. If not handled properly, bipolar patients who experience this emotional episode could fall into negative things, like a suicide.

4. Mixed
In this episode, mania and depression emotion collaborate into one. Example, there is someone who is very passionate about storytelling, but which discussed just about ugliness and negative things.


Translated from this source.


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